You know that hurt, anger, and rage that build up and on occasion just boils over? It's making you sick inside. 

I have chosen to give you a safe place to spew the toxicity inside and let it out. Gain healing by using this place as a way to say what you have wanted to for so long. 

Though this page may seem empty and left alone. I wanted to encourage you that it takes just ONE voice to unlock and help others share too! 

If you haven't read MY STORY yet I would encourage you to go to the FOUNDER tab at the top and read mine. 

Many people have been through tragedy far worse than mine, and far less. Yet, each one of us has a unique voice and personal story to share. 

Each one of us can gain power and freedom through sharing our journey and helping others to break their silence and begin a new journey. 

I want each person to gain strength and health through releasing the hurts and pains stuffed down for so long. 

Let them know how you feel.