I know all too well how intimidating it can be to choose to lend your voice.

Though this page may seem empty and left alone. I wanted to encourage you that it takes just ONE voice to unlock and help others share too! 

If you haven't read MY STORY yet I would encourage you to go to the FOUNDER tab at the top and read mine. 

Many people have been through tragedy far worse than mine, and far less. Yet, each one of us has a unique voice and personal story to share. 

Each one of us can gain power and freedom through sharing our journey and helping others to break their silence and begin a new journey. 

I know it seems scary. I was scared to. But look at what you can do, who you can become, and who can gain strength just by hearing your voice. 

I would encourage you to look the fear in the face and say "NO! I will do this and you can't stop me!"

I know all to well the people that don't believe you or even blame you. You will find none of that here. Here, you are heard and supported.