“what is consent?”

Consent: is freely and voluntarily given by a person with the cognitive capacity to do so.

Consent is the presence of a clear yes, not the absence of a no.

Consent IS NOT freely and voluntarily given if you:

  1.          Are under force
  2.          Are unconscious or asleep
  3.          Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  4.          Are under threat or intimidation
  5.          Are in fear of bodily harm or
  6.      Have a mistaken belief that the offender was your sexual partner

If you were in a situation where any of these things were a factor and you are uncertain or know that you were assaulted please take note of what to do next and call 1-800-656-hope to seek guidance for your area.

What to do/ how to help:

  •        Stay calm and think clearly and know that what happened was not your fault.
  •        Stay safe, if you feel in danger get somewhere you feel safe. Have a trustworthy friend or family member with you. You will most likely be in a form of shock and will need this support.
  •        Do not shower, bathe, wash your hands or brush your teeth. It may be a natural reaction to want to scrub but the evidence and ability to convict will be washed away.
  •     Do your best to write down every detail of the incident you can remember. This information can be vital to a case and the longer you wait the more you can forget the small things that matter.
  •        Report to the police and hospital right away. They will perform a rape kit and collect a report and evidence. This is the only sure fire way to put your perpetrator in jail.
  •        If this occurs on campus still seek out the police for a report, it is a felony offence and the police will know how to help you. Unfortunately some universities mishandle these situations but you are entitled to protection and the ability to press charges against your attacker.


 be informed. You may be the only person someone will seek out for help. 


Report the attack to police by calling 911.

Call the national sexual assault hotline 1-800-656-hope to understand the process, get a referred medical facility equipped to collect forensic evidence, and an advocate in certain areas. 

Even if the attack happened weeks, months, and even years ago you have the right to speak out and file a report.

1-800-656-hope   Can walk you through the process to get help.