They always hate the sound of change. Those that want the world wrapped around their finger. They hate the sound that breaks their hold. That they can no longer control... no longer manipulate... no longer dictate... that they are defeated. 

We are the unbreakable... the un-defeatable.... the uncontrollable... WE ARE the sound of change.

They have tried to silence me for 7 years but I have always declared the truth. When the truth is harder to stand behind than caving I choose to stand. 

I have heard it said "No matter how many times a lie is told it will never be the truth, and no  matter how many times the truth is stated it will never be a lie. Even when truth is made to be a lie it never will be, it can only be the truth." 

What does it look like to be the sound of change. I think its declaring the truth in the face of disbelieving mockers. 

I will always declare truth. Even when it has felt like the storm will overtake me. 

I am no longer swallowed by the storm. I AM the Storm.