How is it that you can walk through life and then bump into a person who literally makes your heart stop and all thought leave you. A person you know, that you know, that you know, is supposed to be in your life for a long time. 

Yet as time goes by and the relationship you think you have with them slowly breaks. Not because of you but because they are afraid.

Afraid of letting you in. Afraid of their heart being broken by you. Afraid that all you want to do is take advantage of them financially. And all of this not founded on anything more than what they have seen in another persons life.

How hurtful to measure you to someone that isn't you.

They ask you not to be talking to other people but at the same time saying they are not ready for a relationship.

They communicate as though you are together but then act as if you hold a looming noose if you want to spend time with them.

What even is a relationship that is only texts and phone calls? Can that even be a healthy friendship? I don't think so.

Relationships take time, they take sacrifice by both people and they take effort. They cannot exist if only one person is stepping up and bringing their 50% and the other is not. 

Neglet is in some ways just as abusive as hurtful words. It shows a lack of value towards the other person. Yet no one person is more or less valuable than another. 

Words may express what you want, but its the actions that show how much you do. And if you are willing to give to get it. 

Life is messy. Nothing will ever get to just the right point for you to begin something.

You have to pursue it even in the hard times, even in the financially difficult times, even when life is good or bad.

You have to choose it. You have to try.

What do you really have to lose? Potential happiness? and yes, you may be hurt in the process but know your boundaries and what you will not tolerate. 

And if you must stand up for yourself and lay it out there. Honesty in Love will never harm, it will only grow what you have if the other party is willing, and at the least lets them know you care and value them even if its not returned and you have to move on. 

To me that will always be worth it..............even if you don't think so. 

I know love will always be worth the sacrifice. So I will keep trying.

I will keep my heart open for love. Even if it hurts. Even if that person I know is supposed to be there chooses not to be. Its still worth it to try.