I know we are all thinking it and feeling it....... the #metoo..... So have you found the courage to share and find healing too. 

Remember one of the first steps to healing is being able to face what someone else did to you and chose for you and to not ignore that it occurred. 

It is imperative to recognize that what happened was wrong, so wrong. And it was not and never will be your fault!

Gorgeous, It was NEVER your fault!!

There is hope on the other side of facing this horrible moment or moments. You are not alone. 

Its time to heal. Time to recognize the lie and the horrible and replace that with truth. 

The Truth that this person was sick, that they were selfish, that they chose themselves over you. That even if they stated they loved you, love wouldn't behave the way they did. That you did not EVER deserve their actions. That you can reclaim life. That you are enough. That you are worthy of love. That you can trust. 

Find some courage, take heart, don't despair. What someone does to you does not DEFINE you! 

Share your story to give someone else hope, try to find some forgiveness so that you can heal.

Hatred just poisons your own soul. But by all means hate the actions. They were sooo wrong. 

I stand with you and for you! Be Brave like I know you are!!! WE WILL THRIVE!!!!!