An amazing author once wrote: "What do you fear my lady?".............

"A Cage. To be behind bars till use and old age accept them and the opportunity for doing good deeds has long passed."

This is my favorite line in The Lord of The Rings. It seems so trivial a line but it has a depth that spans the ages. 

To know the feeling of a cage is one not many know. They walk on in life blissfully unaware of the freedom they have until one day its gone. The taste of freedom is so sweet you never want it to end. When you truly know a cage, it is the worst fate you can return to. 

I have decided there will never be another cage for me. I have yet to see someone happy with their prison. 

This time, enough is enough. Its over fully and completely. I am ready for my future to start. One person has stolen six years of my life and happiness through evil and violence. No More.

It has been quite the journey since the court hearings and quite a time of growth and finding even more strength. I will no longer be pushed around, by anyone. 

There is such a strength in knowing who you are and who God says you are. I once had a very amazing and special woman say, you have the ingredients of your miracle in your midst, you just have to recognize them and be willing to pick them up and freely give it over to God to complete His part. 

Well I have picked up my ingredients and God has put them together. This has been a time of finding myself and learning who I am. There have been days where the last thing I want to be is a mother and other days where I couldn't think of anything better. 

I would be lying if I said this was easy. It is anything but. It has been the hardest hell some days. However, if I am able to help at least one of you know there is a hope and future through my honest and candid thoughts and feelings, to be able to help you find your life again, then it has been worth it. 

I want you to know that the emotions may never be over, but you can always get through them. You are made with tougher stuff than you have ever realized until pushed till you have no more.

I have been able to find a sense of happiness. I try and take each moment as it comes, and never ever live in the land of "what if". I know my worth and what is worth fighting for. The rest just really doesn't matter. 

So what do you fear my lady?.....Nothing anymore. I already lived in a cage.