To actually walk in freedom....... oh how sweet a place to be. 

I made the decision a few months ago to continually choose to walk in freedom. Guess what? It really is a choice some days. But when you do, over and over, it becomes who you are. Free.

I have truly been set free. I stood when everyone and everything told me to do "something" and I stood on a promise the Lord gave me. It set my mind free. 

I'm still hunted but I'm also free. No one can take that from me. 

He showed up again outside the house. It was anticipated. But I stood my ground I did not concede to anything! He came, He shouted, He used my own countries security against me, and He left empty handed and angry. 

Like King Hezekiah that was under attack from the Assyrian Army, he stood his ground and did not shrink back. He prayed and sought council and surrendered the situation to God, and so did I. 

I can tell you that this experience was a great breakthrough for me to no longer be in fear but in freedom. 

Just before this experience I had to go to war for my brothers soul and experienced a level of the spiritual world many do not think exists. It was difficult but I now know I will stand when all is on the line. It equipped me to stand my ground and not to shrink back from the evil that is coming against my son and I. It gave me freedom in my heart and an assurance in my soul.

Shortly after that experience we had our women's conference titled "Free Indeed" well let me tell you, the breakthrough was immense. I was equipped and given the tools needed to know my freedom and walk in it. 

I have been walking in it ever since! I have joy daily. I feel God's presence all the time. I know that I am not alone but walk with God in my midst. If that doesn't produce a freedom I don't know what does. 

It has allowed me to not be shaken as he is trying to start new court proceedings and I am rising from within and it is just running over my shoulders. I have a peace that literally surpasses understanding. No One understands how I can keep going and why he still pursues. 

I just know God's hand is on this. Just one more time. Promise. I'm getting my breakthrough. I'm already partly in it. I started dating an amazing man after 6.5 years of singleness and hesitation. I know that the Lord is opening doors in my life, I see them. 

I am at that threshold that tips the scales. I'm at the point of launch and I'm holding on to the Lord tight and getting ready for the breakthrough and legal freedom. Not just the freedom in the Lord and inside of me. 

Let's do this thing!!