Since the last post and me finding new things out about myself much has transpired. No not in the court things and no not with this man. But Inside me.

I have been having the hardest time trying to keep my head above water even though I am at the shoreline. I feel like I'm drowning. And then in the blink of an eye I'm so strong that I am unstoppable. 

It has been one of the weirdest and surreal times. You know how they talk about fight or flight? Why doesn't anyone address the shutdown? The I just can't even think, or move, or talk, just tears moments. 

I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this. It happened the whole time I was under this mans captivity, and yet again through his actions it seems that I have to fight this damned feeling and reaction off with the biggest stick I can find and the loudest voice I can muster. 

Well let me tell you something, that is the hardest thing to do when you have tasted freedom and someone is putting you back in the captive box. 

God has to move in this and in a huge way!! He promises in His word and I'm laying it out there to all of you as witnesses. He will move and it will be undeniably Him that grants my son and I our absolute freedom without the fear of bondage returning. 

He says He came to set the captive free and bind up the brokenhearted. I know that I have been this and can relate, and in some ways I still am the person He speaks of. So lets see Him do a mighty miracle. They still happen you know....... and I'll get mine, really soon too.............