It is hard to say but my story is still not over. I still have my abuser coming after my son and I. I still live where he can find us. And I'm still doing life on my own with Gods help.  


This last week has been one of the hardest I have had in quite a long time. He showed up unannounced outside our home. He is attempting to take me back to court. He wants my son with the most disturbing and obsessive way I have ever seen someone behave.  


After he showed up I found my voice like I never have. He was calling over and over again. Threatening and pressuring and I had enough. I picked up the phone and calmly but boldly told him this was over and it was done. I then hung up. We were all kinda shocked that I had just done that. I haven't said anything to him in many years.  


 And then the doubt and insecurity started creeping in. I couldn't focus or eat or anything like a normal day should be. I felt like my life imploded in an instant. I had doubts and fears. I was right back emotionally in that place where I had no voice and I had to do what was necessary to survive. I was emotionally crippled. 


I immediately saught the one place I knew I needed to be, with God in CHURCH. He is the only one that has any control over this. I needed His peace that surpasses understanding and I needed to be in His strong tower. 


I found my strength and my peace and my power and my voice and the strongest support system I could hope for. I had my pieces put back together and my eyes opened. I am a child of God whom should I fear. He goes before me, He goes behind. I have been given a place of authority because my God is alive and the battle is already won. 


So I'm looking towards the future with my eyes open. I'm cautious but strong. I will NOT let my thoughts and emotions turn back to when I was captive. I will not look back. We will conquer this from a new place, a place of authority.  


And we are already being blessed. I will share more as it unfolds, but if you are a person of prayer we would appreciate all the prayers and support we can have. But know this, pray from a place of authority!!!