Anyone see the new trend of mermaid hair? The rainbow pony? Pink? Well I have decided to take the royal plunge into purple!! 

As I am walking into this new journey of not letting my voice be silenced and helping others to find their voices I had a reality wake up. 

We let so many people other than ourselves dictate what we like and want to try. I wanted to be liberated of the criticism that keeps me from living. So I decided to go purple! Not just a hint, a dash here or there. But boldly like no one I know.  

I'm just as shocked as you but I had to.  

I don't want the what ifs to control my life. EVER, like never ever!! 

They used to, that's for damn sure. But not today, not anymore. I didn't leave my house for over a year due to what ifs. I missed out on what could have been so much life.  

I don't ever want to look back on my life when I'm old and wish I hadn't let irrelevant fears stop me. 

My mother even said "no I want you to get married, how will you find a husband like that". To be honest that hurt.  

I think the content of my character should speak more for who I am and what I stand for and against, then what my hair looks like. For that matter how I dress, or do my makeup or choose not to, these things should not matter. 

I know she raised me to be a lady and to her this doesn't seem like a lady. But I am. She knows it. And she wants me free to be me.  

That all being said I'm excited and nervous. A part of me feels like I'm having a Britney Spears shaved head moment (although a lot less shaved and a lot more purple). Judge me if you want but I'm living in the here of my life. Not the there, or the if, or when's. Just the here! 

I'm excited to see this strong and fearless me.  



PS: After my debut of Purple it was surprisingly well received. I think because it is not super candy coloured. My sister in fact was super excited about it. I thought she would hate it the most and I'm so glad knowing that I don't have the judgement I thought I would get from my family. 

I hope that even in the slightest this can empower you to take up the what ifs and hesitancy and kick its teeth in! Do what makes you feel happy and free! Know that our lives are to find that joy and share love that encourages others to be free and happy. I know some of you do not have a relationship with Jesus, but that is what He says He will give us. "Life and Life abundantly" and most of all, its just hair.....have fun with it.