It's sad to say that so much has been happening in the media when it comes to sexual assault.

We want it before the public but not like this. Not at the expense of someone's well being. And definitely not for the shocking headlines that grab readers attention.

I'm sure by now you have heard about the "Cosby Allegations", the "Duggar Scandal", and so many others. Why can't it just be about how survivors are thriving. How they are changing the world around them.

Let's use our voices to show that they can't control or crush us. Not how in one or multiple moments we were exploited for another's choices. I know I want to make a difference and change our culture.

Let's be honest about the problem and honest about what to do to change it. Let's teach our children to have a healthy view of the body and a healthy respect for each person. We need to show them what is wrong. We are their teachers in this. Ground them at home in truth and it will be the foundation they walk on in public, with friends, while working.

I know that I will equip my son as best I can. Even if it means I'm uncomfortable or embarrassed in the process. Let's speak honestly to our children so that they can stand against those that don't know, and have never been taught proper healthy views and boundaries.

We may not be able to change the minds of our generation but we sure can teach our children. If we all teach our children then we can change the generation that follows.

I want my son to be a helper not a hurter. Don't you? 


**I will be posting more on what it looks like to teach these principles to our children and how to share them with our peers.**